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Talent Strategy

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The talent resource is the first resource of the enterprise. Thus, based on the talent idea of “Uniting People by Cause, Inspiring People by Achievements, Appealing People by Culture, Attracting People by Environment, Moving People by Real Feeling”, the company keeps a foothold in the domestically and internationally competitive environment, trains first-class talent teams and provides powerful talent resource guarantee for realizing quicker and better development of the company!

During the 12th Five-Year Plan, the talent development strategy of the Chaowei Group: focus on training and introduction of key talents, build a key talent team including 600 professional, internationalized and innovative talents, led by 100 high-end talents by “High-end Leading, Overall Development”, construct a talent pyramid supporting self development of Chaowei, and build the auto parts enterprise with the most powerful talent attractiveness and competitiveness in the industry.

Open a professional sequence channel for talent growth. In order to promote career development of various talents, motivate enthusiasm of talents and inspire them to diligently study their profession and play their specialty, based on the leader post sequence, the company sets up talent growth channels on professional management, professional skill and production operation and implements the evaluation and employment system of first expert, senior expert and expert, and various experts can enjoy the salary and the treatment of second-class manager, senior manager and vice general manager. Up to now, these channels have motivated enthusiasm of various talents.