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Employee Regulation

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First, the Code of Practice

1 . Each employee must love the company , company business loyalty , maintaining the company's image .

1.1 employees in the work to abide by professional ethics, fulfill their duties and strive to contribute their wisdom , should do their ability to complete the work undertaken to promote the company's development and benefit the community.

1.2 per employee in foreign exchanges have steadfastly refused to entertain an attempt to influence the company's interests , commissions , rebates , free travel , special discounts and other services.

1.3 Each employee shall not engage in other occupations that may affect the normal work , especially damage to the company's interests or adversely affect economic activities, such as self-management , co- production or sale of automotive products companies.

2 . Each employee must strictly comply with national laws and company rules and regulations.

2.1 obey the leaders and ministers in charge .

2.2 conservative company secrets, do not reveal company secrets .

2.3 strictly comply with the relevant provisions on labor discipline. Leave approval process by completing the formalities needed to leave, when there are special circumstances can not advance for leave procedures , should be promptly informed of the reasons for the absences where the department heads, completing the formalities at work immediately .

2.4 comply with the relevant provisions of the company safe operation . When the company encountered a fire or other dangerous property , each employee has an obligation report and take all possible measures to reduce property damage and casualties company . Each employee has an obligation to take measures and eliminate hazards , while protecting the site , and promptly notify the competent manager and general manager.

2.5 In the production shop floor workers are not allowed to wear earrings women , jewelry , etc., before the machine operator must Zhaqi hair .

2.6 factory smoking , smoking must place the company into a unified set of smoking , drinking or may not work during the lunch break .

2.7 prohibits loud noise in the office area , the phone always placed vibrational state , using the phone to answer the call should not affect other people work .

2.8 hours prohibit playing games, the Internet, chatting, snacking and other work-related things .

2.9 Whether at work or at rest should respect other colleagues , have no right to read or unauthorized misappropriation of his / her belongings and documents ( special work , except in an emergency ) .

2.10 from work and leave before the last one to leave the company , and they should do the inspection work , water, electricity , doors, windows , and ensure safety , as people were leaving at the same time bear the same responsibility to check .

3 . Each employee has an obligation has the responsibility to take good care of company property , comply with the relevant provisions of the company on various types of equipment used .

3.1 Each employee must manage , maintain a good return for their own use various types of equipment ( including vehicles, tools, instruments , computers , telephones , etc. ) .

3.2 Employees shall not use the company's equipment, facilities, tools, etc. do private , do not use work time and work-related things .

3.3 property damage and loss of the company immediately to report a higher level , when necessary, should be reported to the department manager , bear all or part of the loss caused by its employees for personal reasons .

3.4 prohibit the use of their work , stealing company property , carrying out corporate property to pay out card .

4 . Each employee should pay attention to spiritual and consciously regulate their own behavior .

4.1 comply with public morals , good behavior and language , culture dress, courtesy, honesty and trustworthiness .

4.2 keep the work area ( including equipment , instruments ) of clean, care for plants and trees the company .

4.3 comply with the order in public places ( canteens, dormitories , etc. ) to develop good habits.

5. Each employee personal situation changes as follows , please notify Qiguanbu .

◆ phone number changes ;

◆ Change the home address ;

◆ the family situation changes ( such as marriage , birth , etc. ) ;

◆ exam and various academic studies or training proved through ; 

◆ Female employee's pregnancy, pre-production stage ;

◆ ability to work changes ;

◆ suffered physical injury status.

6. Staff should be kept in an elegant posture and movement . Specific requirements are:

◆ meet with colleagues inside the company should pay tribute nod salute .

◆ out of the room Courtesy: enter the room , first gently knock on the door , heard the answer and then into . After entering , counterassaulted closed, not strong , brutal . After entering the room , as the other is speaking , to wait wait , do not half- chipped , broken , if something urgent to speak , but also waiting for the opportunity . And say : "I'm sorry to interrupt your conversation have ."

◆ walking path , when the corridor to Fangqingjiaobu . Both in their own companies , or in the company being accessed in the channel and not walked the corridors talking loudly , but can not sing or whistle and so on.

◆ encounter boss or client in the channel , the corridor should be courteous , you can not grab the line.

7 . Proper use of the company's goods and equipment to improve efficiency. The company's articles must cherish and can not damaged, brutalized , Norway is private. Clean up , organize books and documents on the ink bottle , seal boxes using timely close the lid .

◆ use of another person or company stuff , shall , with the consent and timely return or naturalization put into place after use , the table can not be placed with work-related items.

◆  positions within the company to call the boss . Meanwhile, among customers , Mr. , Miss proportionate.

◆  not free to look at my colleagues without consent documents, information and so on.

8. Correctly , quickly and carefully pick , call

◆  first tone when the phone rang on the best answer , most not more than three times ; when answering the phone , we should take a moderate tone, internal telephone answering specification is : " Hello , ** sector" , outside telephone answering specification is : " hello , super Victoria Group ** department . "

◆ When the call is completed , be polite goodbye, such as "goodbye" , "thank you" and so on, can not put down the phone when the other person is not put on a clicking sound , every time you want a breath .

9. Office Etiquette

◆ To dignified manner within the office , the term civilization , no foul language , swearing, unkind words , not shouting , gesticulating , whispered dialogue for the degree to be able to hear clearly , so as not to influence others ; Do not take your feet on the desk , Do not rely on Xieshen desk , not sitting on the desk , without prejudice to any conversation corporate image .

◆ contact the office and out the other when the work should be gently knock on the door three times , after get permission before entering , in the office of others without consent of the owner , not just read anything indoors ( file ) , should leave backhand light light closed.

10. Meeting etiquette

( 1 ) participate in meetings or daily meetings , to attire , will advance five minutes to find a good seat , good attendance work , keep quiet , ready to meet the staff and other management and technical meetings to attend the meeting are required to carry this .

( 2 ) can not attend the meeting to be informed in advance .

(3) During the meeting the phone to vibration transferred files is strictly prohibited in the venue to answer the call .

( 4 ) comply with the disciplinary meeting , do not be late, leave early , no unexcused absences , sleeping and so on. Meeting shall not have any effect on the behavior of order at meetings .

( 5 ) the end of the meeting , after chairing the meeting shall be such as to leave only to leave in an orderly manner , and should be back in the seat under the table .

Second, behavioral norms

Speech ( good behavior )

★ first met at work , say hello to each other compliments , " hello ", " good morning " and so on ;

★ conversation tone gentle, decent words , giving a good impression ;

★ by others help, heartfelt gratitude "thank you" when the inconvenience caused to others , not forgetting to apologize , " I'm sorry" ;

★ When research work, frankly express their views on the matter , whether people exchange views , to engage in personal attacks .

Behavior ( good behavior )

★ treat people equally , friendly and courtesy, honest ;

★ care of company property , protect the interests ;

★ austerity , with minimal cost to fight the best results ;

★ care of company plants, do not trample on the lawn ;

★time maintaining the company 's hygiene ;

Meter ( good behavior )

★ frequent change of clothes , dress clean, decent and generous , giving refreshing and clean ;

★ During the work required to wear uniforms, equipped with work cards, clothing should be professional , decent , generous, clean, not allowed to wear slippers , indoor maintain good gait is usually the case are not allowed to run, jump , humming or playing whistle ;

★ hair to maintain proper length , often trimmed nails, shaving ;

★ maintaining mental health, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-love , self-respect .

Dinner ( good behavior )

★ stipulated time dining, dining completed within the specified time; Observance

★ take meal order, not rash, queuing, civilized behavior;

★ austerity, do not waste food, unlimited supply of food on-demand access;

★ dine on dishes such as the bones of the iceberg, and consciously to clean up after the meal table, cutlery to the designated locations;

★ plate, soup bowl in a restaurant use, not free to bring out the restaurant.

Work (good behavior)

★ required rest time posts, do not be late do not leave early;

★ careful inventory items, completing the recording, operate in strict accordance with the rules;

★ obey the executive leadership of the organization of work, time away from work, should first gain the consent of the leadership;

★ discovered the problem, depending on the severity of the problem, promptly report to the leadership;

★ active in the work of 6S management, maintain a clean work environment to make it work methodically;

★ solidarity, is not conducive to unity, then say no, do not conducive to the unity of the thing.

★ help each other, actively cooperate, to work together to complete the task.