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Time flies, today's Chaowei Group has been steadily gone through twenty-six years, thanks to the support of all walks of life, relying on the unity and struggle of the company's employees, super-dimensional people full of expectations, shouldering the mission, struggling in the exploration, corporate governance The structure has been continuously improved, the business performance has grown steadily, the asset scale has gradually expanded, and leap-forward development has been achieved. Here, I would like to express my gratitude to all the people who have cared for us for a long time and have given us support, and pay tribute to friends in the same industry in China!
The achievements of Chaowei are the result of the concern and support of all levels of leaders and friends at all levels in the past 26 years to support the development of super-dimensionality. It is the crystallization of all the super-dimensional people's efforts and hard work, condensing the wisdom and sweat of everyone, worthy of all Superdimensional people are gratified and proud, and continue to work hard for it.
Looking back on the historical journey, we feel infinite. With the spirit of unity and pragmatism and the spirit of hard work, Chaowei people adhere to the corporate mission of “creating value, returning to society, developing enterprises and sharing richness”, and unswervingly pursued “technology-driven, market-oriented”. With the marketing concept of “Creating a Brand”, we are determined to “professional focus, excellence, rigorous and efficient, harmonious atmosphere” as our service concept. We are committed to each other and strive for the future. Heaven and earth.
History tells us that quality is the lifeblood of survival, and integrity is the cornerstone of the company. The market teaches us to treat customers with sincerity and sincere service to all customers. Respect the employees and let each employee have a stage to show their talents. We sincerely hope to cooperate sincerely with colleagues from all walks of life at home and abroad, seek common development, achieve a win-win situation, and make greater contributions to building a harmonious socialist society!