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Add: No. 688, Shunda Road, Xixin District, Changchun City, Jilin Province

All Right Reserved: Changchun Chaowei Science&Technology Industry(Group) Co., Ltd.  ICP13004087

Chaowei History

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Founding Period(1992 -1994)

Feature: It was a private enterprise with not more than 20 employees, which was established by several persons and could only produce single product—flag of Red Flag limousine; several friends with the same ideal formed the entrepreneurship group, and they were full of vision of the future, explored and created the road of their own cause and started their hard pioneering work at one corner of Red Flag Street.

Transformation Period(1995 -2001)

Feature: The enterprise was enlarged in scale and could produce more types of products; it merged the grinding machine factory, water heating parts factory and Guangming Instrument Factory; the production foundation was transformed from the single production foundation to the diversified production foundation; and it set up many branches such as Electronic Information Company, Gaowei Network Company, Guangming Instrument Factory and Auto Parts Factory.

Growing Period(2002 -2008)

Feature: The enterprise integrated original products, studied quality products, moved forward high-end products such as auto acoustic parts, kept market exploitation and technical innovation and introduced sound-heat insulated products for automobiles, electronic scales, Gaowei Pictures Company, high-end automated equipment and Electroplating Treatment Company, and the Chaowei brand had a certain popularity, credibility and reputation.

Development Period(2009 –Up to Now)

Feature: The enterprise integrates the resources of branches; the Chaowei Building erects in the south of Changchun city; and it has stable customers and products, its sales performance is kept setting a new high, products are well sold overseas, and the popularity, credibility and reputation indexes of the Chaowei Brand are kept rising.