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Safe Production

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The company has established a safety production post responsibility system and signed safety production index books at all levels, so that it is necessary to be responsible for safe production and to be responsible for the job.
The company has established various safety production management systems to guide enterprises to achieve various management indicators for safe production, so that the company's safety production management work has rules to follow and laws to follow.
The company attaches great importance to the training of employees, thereby improving the safety of employees, enhancing safety awareness, standardizing safety behaviors, and preventing various safety accidents.
In order to effectively respond to various emergencies that the company may face in production and operation, the company has established an emergency response mechanism in accordance with relevant state regulations and formulated an emergency rescue plan. Prepare for emergencies from the organization, personnel, and material security, and conduct necessary training and drills to be accurate, rapid, and effective. Through proper response, damage to personnel, materials, equipment and the environment is minimized.